Kenneth Cheung

Kenneth Cheung
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Kenneth was born and raised in Hong Kong. After he graduated from secondary school, he continued his studies in the United States majoring in computer engineering with a minor in mathematics. In the year of 1998, he returned to Hong Kong to extend his career.

Kenneth began surfing and building web sites since early 90's. Witnessing the early era of World Wide Web, his web development ideology focuses not only on functionality but also on usability and accessibility. He strongly believes that the Web should be an open information space, which is user-centric, just like how Tim Berners-Lee first invented the Web.

People do not buy technology. People only buy what technology will bring to them.

Having been working for several global interactive agencies, Kenneth has played a major role in planning and building web projects for a number of global clients including:

Being an interactive producer, Kenneth keeps on strengthening himself beyond technical skills. His studies include information architecture, usability, digital culture and creative design.

Kenneth is also an accredited internet assessor auditing search results for major search engines. With search engine being a major component of the internet, increasing the accuracy of search results will definitely bring a better user experience to all web users worldwide.

Kenneth speaks fluent Cantonese, English and moderate Mandarin. He is now married with 2 children and has two cats.

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Last update: 17 May 2021